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Beware of Coronavirus Scams

After a press conference in which President Trump mentioned scientists were testing the potential of using disinfectants as a coronavirus cure, poison control centers across the country reported a spike in calls. In Maryland alone, the Emergency Management Agency fielded more than 100 calls asking about the president’s suggestion. In less than 24 hours of…

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Where the Banking Industry Stands Today

The Great Recession of 2008 was largely compounded by weaknesses in the U.S. banking system, making it vulnerable to economic and market declines. In an effort to shore up the system, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, which levied sweeping reforms on the financial sector.1 As a result, the banking system is far stronger…

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How Businesses Can Stay Afloat

Pandemic or not, America’s businesses clearly need a plan to survive an economic downturn. If the owner of a small business has not delegated authority, a health issue affecting the owner could derail that business. The closing of a town’s major employer can drive customers of small businesses out of town to work elsewhere. Damage…

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Ways the Pandemic May Change the Future of Employment

About 8.5% of U.S. households are headed by a self-employed person. While self-employed households tend to earn higher income than salaried households, research shows they also tend to take the biggest hit during an economic downturn.1 The emergence of independent contractors and the gig economy helped make self-employment a more viable option for Americans after…

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