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Minimum Wage Still Raising Concerns

During this politically charged election year, one of the driving issues involves wages: Gender inequality, overall income inequality and the controversial movement to increase the national minimum wage.  The fast food industry would likely feel the most effects from a minimum wage increase, and recently some of the largest companies have announced varying plans of…

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Who is the Middle Class Now?

The definition of middle class can vary depending on who you ask.  A young college graduate with a $22,000 entry-level job may consider herself middle class because her parents were, she graduated from college and she’s just starting her white-collar career.  A married blue-collar worker with two children making $41,000 a year may consider himself…

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You Can Bank on Financial Apps – to a Degree

Financial technology, also known as fintech, is a growing business model among companies looking to use software to provide financial services. The ability to make transactions from any location, and at any hour, makes online banking and bill paying increasingly appealing. For this reason, fintech is being embraced by startups and large banks as an…

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FDR’s Influence in Challenging Times Still Resonates

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn into office in 1933, the United States was mired in the worst financial period of its history. FDR’s election came in the middle of The Great Depression, when unemployment reached 25 percent overall, and as high as 50 percent in some cities and industries. More than 9,000 banks…

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