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Why Dividend-Paying Stocks Are So Popular Now

Not only are the economy and financial markets sending mixed signals, now the Fed is too. Up until recently, the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve Board had been unanimous in its efforts to either hold steady or slowly increase interest rates based on labor market conditions and inflation factors. However, at the…

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Home Sweet Home

Like other aspects of the economy, the real estate market has been slow to recover to “normal” levels. But we believe there are some positives that come with the lull in housing sales. In some pockets of the country, prices have escalated substantially due to low inventory, high demand and relatively low interest rates. According…

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More Retirees Heading for Hubs

When retirement is on the horizon, many people put their current hometown in the rearview mirror. As the retiree population continues its upward trajectory, we expect popular retirement destinations to grow right along with it. A recent study by McKinsey & Company identified 13 U.S. “retirement hubs” — cities that are most likely to experience…

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The Media that Cried “Crisis”

The word “crisis” has become quite popular in our 24-hour news cycle. It’s a word media outlets have attached to everything from student loans to weight gain to a national shortage of biscuits in an attempt to maximize the eyeballs on their content.   [CLICK HERE to read the article, “The Great British Biscuit Crisis…

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