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Digital Evolution Changes Way We Shop, Interact

The Internet, much like radio and television before it, has changed modern society and the way we interact with each other. It’s even changed the way companies market products to consumers. Social media has essentially redistributed power from brands to individuals thanks to immediate and evergreen feedback that customers can write about the products they…

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Making the Most of Life After Work

Most working folks go through the daily grind week after week, counting down the years to retirement. But before you get too excited about walking away from your 9 to 5, consider the alternative lifestyle that comes with not going to work. Whether your working years are winding down or already behind you, many retirees…

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Indefatigable Solutions

Some people put off looking into long-term care, either because they think it’s too far down the road or they may not need it altogether. Despite research showing people are living longer than ever, only 22 percent of respondents to a recent survey believed they would need long-term care in the future, while about one-third…

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What could your future look like? How today’s societal trends are shaping tomorrow’s retirements

If your picture of the typical retirement consists of a retiree spending her days strolling the grounds of her pricey assisted living complex with her spouse of forty years, today’s picture of the modern retirement may surprise you. While many seniors enjoy growing old with their spouse, the marriage statistics for younger generations make that…

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Values of Adulthood: A True Cause and Effect

Sometimes it’s interesting to think back to how our upbringing determined how we developed our specific set of ideals. After all, the situations and experiences we faced early in life can have a big impact on the paths we chose in adulthood. Our earliest impressions of the world are an extension of the behaviors we…

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