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The United States: For Richer and for Poorer

A recent Health and Retirement Study by the Brookings Institution found that life expectancy is rising more quickly for people at the highest ranks of socio-economic status, while declining or remaining static for those in the lower levels. This discrepancy was raised in relation to Social Security benefits and posed the question as to whether…

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Creative Solutions for Life’s Little Problems

It’s refreshing to see that many people are beginning to implement new and innovative ideas to address some of life’s seemingly little problems that may have a more widespread societal impact. Take teenagers and their penchant for sleeping in, for example. While some teenagers are just  lazy, there is a biological reason teenagers may not…

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Couples’ Angst

According to research done by Fidelity, nearly four in 10 couples don’t agree on the lifestyle they want to have in retirement. Sometimes this discussion gets put off before an efficient financial strategy can be developed. For example, have you and your significant other talked about where you want to live in retirement, and whether…

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Retirement or Tuition? The Savings Dilemma

No one, much less a parent, wants to see a young college graduate weighed down by the burden of student loans. And if those student loans weren’t bad enough, some college students open credit card accounts as a right-of-passage of sorts into adulthood. Although a credit card provides students and young adults the opportunity to…

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