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The Power of Optimism

The White House recently announced that it expects the U.S. economy to grow by 3.1 percent this year, up from its 1.7 percent expansion in 2013. Is that a realistic projection, or an optimistic one? While the unemployment rate hovers in the 6.7 percent range, many economists say that rate has dropped recently in part because many…

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Alzheimer’s Higher Death Toll, Buddy Programs and Guide Dogs

According to a study recently published in the journal Neurology, the number of Americans who die as a result of Alzheimer’s disease has been vastly underestimated for years. New research indicates that since Alzheimer’s is an underlying disease – which leads to complications resulting in death – the number of deaths that may be attributable to Alzheimer’s…

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Is Part-time the New Normal?

With continued sluggish unemployment reports, are we becoming a nation of part-time workers? A recent report from the U.S. Census of Agriculture revealed that more than half – 52 percent – of American farmers only work part time. The majority of our 2.1 million farmers responsible for day-to-day farm operations do not list farming as…

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What’s Your Retirement Mission Statement?

Mission statements have long been a staple of corporate business strategies. They’re usually bland, jargon-filled platitudes that have been crafted, edited and revised ad nauseam by someone in the marketing department. Then Tom Cruise came along in the 1996 film, Jerry Maguire, and re-energized the mission statement as a guiding life principle, not just a…

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Are You Financially Prepared for Retirement?

Remember when the most pressing matter on your mind was not retirement income, but rather what to do on Saturday nights? A recent survey found that Generation X — adults now approaching or in their 40s — is poised to face some of the biggest financial challenges in the future. And that while millennials  —…

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