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Income Updates for Various Demographics

Despite the economic setback and slow recovery in recent years, or perhaps because of them, it seems Americans may be on a trajectory for higher income — if not higher income, then perhaps greater satisfaction with the income that they earn. Here’s a recent round-up of studies about current demographic groups and their earning prospects.…

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Skewing Data

Every day we see reports, surveys, research and analysis of data that’s been commissioned and compiled by government agencies, private businesses and third party think tanks. While much of the information is informative, it usually indicates a larger story, or trend, and should be reviewed within a certain context. For example, a recent jobs report…

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Sign of the Times

At the end of last summer, I pulled into a gas station in which a sign over the posted gas prices read, “Swimsuit season is over; Krispy Kreme is here.” It was an unconventional yet palpable indicator that summer had ended. Some signs require a little more technical interpretation, like the ones used to indicate…

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Choices and Trade-offs

With all of the noise surrounding the Affordable Care Act’s botched Health Insurance Marketplace launch and the problem of individual policy cancellations this year, little other significant legislation is getting worked on in Congress. The federal budget debate keeps getting pushed into the future, and any chance of tackling tax reform seems a distant promise.…

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